Doctor services

Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultation appointment where you will be clinically assessed to identify what medical testing you may need.

We perform minor surgical procedures with our surgeons who have years of experience within the field of plastic and general surgery. All our resident doctors and clinicians fully understand the importance of minimising scarring and patient down-time during all minor surgical procedures, and have devised a range of innovative techniques to ensure all our minor surgical procedures are both safe and comfortable for the patient.


An extensive range of tests can be undertaken within a consultation if clinically indicated or as part of an annual check based on health and lifestyle questions.


Screening include:

-Full blood tests

-Blood pressure and ECG screening

-Sugar Levels monitoring

-Vitamins and mineral screening including Vitamin D, B12 and others

-Full STI Screening

-Tumor Markers

-H.Pylori screening

-Female Fertility & Menopausal Screen

-Urine and stool tests

-Drug abuse screening

-Allergy and Gluten testing

-Travel Clinic and Vaccinations


Exclusive Packages for

-Well Woman Screen

-Well Man Screen


24-hour private doctor home visits


There are a range of conditions and minor surgical procedures including but are not limited to:

-Alopecia treatment

-Mole, Skin tag and Cyst removal

-Thread vein treatment

-Split Earlobe Repair

-Wart removal with liquid Nitrogen

-In-growing toe nail procedures

-Suturing minor lacerations under local anaesthetic

-Removing foreign body matter from eyes, ears, nose and throat

Incall/ Outcall

Treatment rooms are fully fitted with a range of medical equipment needed to provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable treatment. Every care is taken to ensure procedures are fast and with minimal pain as local anaesthetics, numbing agents and cooling devices are used where appropriate during minor surgery.